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Ascending Into Isolation

Young Architects Competition proposal with Dongwook Lee
The project was carried out with the goal of creating a cycle of constant creativity by giving new meaning to fortifications and hills. He calls people in by modern art and leads to voluntary isolation. Going up existing routes, visitors can talk to nature, art, and the fort and define a new identity for favignana.
Software Used
SketchUp 2019, Vray 4.2, Photoshop CC 2019, AutoCAD
Art Prison
We have designed a building layout to proactively use the existing paths, and hotels are designed in the same context as today to penetrate the environment to its maximum extent. The platform, which allows visitors to see both these works of art and the natural environment, provides a deeper transition of space. There are three major programs these days. The gallery, where visitors can see the signs of time and artwork, leads visitors to the top, and the rooftop offers the most dramatic views and restaurants on the top of the hill. The luxury hotel was set up independently of the gallery by observing its current floor plan. The circulation that enters the fortress and passes through the roof provides two types of hotel guests with the same sequence of experiences. Located behind the fortress, Atelier is designed to block any movement other than nature and look at the horizon in the south. It is so isolated in its natural environment that it provides a space for creative expression.
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