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Emerging Heritage

Winning proposal for Sungryemun Gate Exhibition with Chun Architects
Collaborative work between Y A Studio and Chun architects. Visualization for the competition proposal for Korea Foundation for the Traditional Architecture and Technology.
Software Used
SketchUp 2020, Vray 4.3
Sungnyemun Gate Exhibition Visualization (Designed by Chun Architects, Visualized by Y A Studio)
At approximately 8:50 p.m. on 10 February 2008, a fire broke out and severely damaged the wooden structure at the top of the Namdaemun gate. The fire roared out of control again after midnight and finally destroyed the structure, despite the efforts of more than 360 firefighters. The Cultural Heritage Administration of South Korea said that it would undertake a three-year project that would cost an estimated ₩20 billion (approximately $14 million) to rebuild and restore the historic gate, making it the most expensive restoration project in South Korea. On 29 April 2013, restoration work was completed, and the public opening was scheduled for 4 May 2013, a day before Children's Day. It was officially reopened on 5 May 2013, after a five-year restoration period. In 2019, the competiton for exhibiting the original remnants of the main structure was declared and I entered the competiton with a Korean Architectural firm named Chun Architects as a visualiztion specialist. The visualization of the exhibition was crucial to the project. After studying the material and the structural elements of the original building, I carefully recreated the newly created exhibit and the enclosure including the space and the lighting.
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