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Kwangju Public Library

Proposal for Kwangju public library with E-scape Architects
Collaborative work between Y A Studio and Escape architects. Visualization for the competition proposal for Kwangju Public Library.
Software Used
SketchUp 2019, Vray 4.2
Loop Of Consilience (Designed by Escape Architects, Visualized by Y A Studio)
"The site is located between Gwangju Stream, commercial district, residential district and civilian park in the urban context. In a closer range, it is surrounded by a commercial incinerator, a heat supply facility, and a forest of meta sequoia trees. In this program, it must accomodate various functions such as cultural education facilities, performance facilities and reading facilities. In this complex urban, natural, industrial, and programming situation, the library is to form a landscape that embraces the whole situation rather than be a single standing building.
It proposes a loop that allows you to cover disparate materials scattered on the site. This loop is a circulating flow of information and knowledge; not a library as a closed space but an open and empty platform. All solids melt down. Information and knowledge are not trapped, but circulate and spread in nature and scenery. In this floating loop, people integrate knowledge from various fields and then, share and reproduce information while watching industrial heritage and meta sequoia forests, which are traces of time." - Escape Architects
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