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A house for a family
Building a house where me and my family will live in the future was one of the most fascinating projects that I’ve done at my university. The precondition of this project was that my parents, my brother and I will be living here in a near future. However, by then, I would have graduated the university, my brother might still be attending one, and my parents would have retired. Because of this, four of us living together seemed impossible. Each having so different lifestyle. Living together as a family in a same building means that communication between family members were also crucial.
Software Used
SketchUp 2019, Vray 4.2, Photoshop CC 2019, AutoCAD
House For My Family
I decided to design a house where every member of this family can have both; an independent and a communal life. The building mass is divided into three parts. One for my parents, one for me and the other one for my brother. However, the basement and the ground floor is made up  of large open spaces where communal life takes place.
Massing Strategy
The house is located at the corner surrounded by two streets. The neighborhood mainly consists of residential areas and commercial areas such as bars and restaurants. The building is divided into four sections. The building is accessible from two entrances that are located between the crevasse between the divided building masses. From the above, the viewer can distinctively recognize three rectangles and a circle.
To shield the building from noise pollution and gain more privacy, the living room, dining room, and the kitchen is located 1 floor beneath the ground level.  Sunken garden works as a buffer as well as a window to let in more natural light. Sunlight can penetrate deep in to the living area  from the retreated  ground floor slab and the sunken garden. The retreated floor slabs also makes the space mpre dynamic and lets people interact from different floors. The layout of the basement floor is divided into four sections; living, dining kitchen and the sunken garden.
The building has two entrances. The first floor is mainly used as a guestroom. The slab is retreated from the load bearing walls and is shaped like a bridge. The slab is supported by the cylindrical bathroom core and the center columns. Retreated slabs allow for varying floor heights and communication between different floors. Basement level and the first floor are relatively public so it is connected via an open staircase. However, more private rooms are only accessible through  provate staircases and an elevator.
Me and my family believe that when working or studying, we should have our own space. But, at the same time, we should be able to exchange our ideas freely. The layout on the left shows that every mass have its own study but it is not completely divided by any solid walls. Behind our study rooms, there is a private walk in closet which utilizes the dead spaces hidden behind the staircases. Compared to the basement and the ground floor, the spaces are clearly divided and more independant. This is where the seperate living quarters start.